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Temples to Dot the Earth: Part 1

Updated: Jun 11

Durban South Africa Temple

The Church is building temples at an increasingly rapid rate. There was a big surge in the late 1990's and early 2000's when the Church built 49 mini-temples patterned after the Monticello Utah Temple. Things slowed down for a while after that but recently have started to really pick up again. Just during President Russell M. Nelson's time as Prophet he has announced dozens of temples. As with other posts, temples that are announced but not yet under construction are in bold while temples that are under construction are in italics.

President Gordon B. Hinckley

A Church News article from 6 October 2000 says: “President Gordon B. Hinckley has said he eventually wants to see a temple available "within a day's journey" of every Latter-day Saint."

President Thomas S. Monson

In his April 2011 Conference address “The Holy Temple—a Beacon to the World” President Thomas S. Monson stated that “Eighty-five percent of the membership of the Church now live within 200 miles (320 km) of a temple…” At that time there were 134 dedicated temples (Temple List). Now the Church has 193 dedicated temples, 59 more than when he made that statement.

Oakland California Temple

California was the first state outside Utah with more than one temple (Los Angeles California in 1956 and Oakland California in 1964) (Temple List).

Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

The following US states, have more than one temple operating, under construction or announced (Temple List):

There are operating temples in 38 US states with temples under construction or announced in 2 more (Wichita Kansas, Des Moines Iowa) (Temple List).

The following 10 US states do not have a temple operating, under construction or announced (Temple List):

Frankfurt Germany Temple

Canada was the first country outside the US to have a second temple (Cardston Alberta in 1923 and Toronto Ontario on 27 August 1990) (Temple List). Germany was the second country with more than one temple outside the US by six weeks when West and East Germany reunited on 3 October 1990 (Wikipedia: German reunification). However, both of Germany’s temples were dedicated several years before Toronto (Freiberg Germany in 1985 and Frankfurt Germany in 1987) (Temple List). Canada was also the first country outside the US to have a third, fourth and fifth temple (Halifax Nova Scotia, Regina Saskatchewan and Edmonton Alberta all in 1999) (Temple List).

Hong Kong China Temple

The following countries have more than one temple operating, under construction or announced (Temple List):

Edmonton Alberta Temple

Alberta Canada was the first administrative subdivision (province) outside the US with more than one temple (Cardston Alberta in 1923 and Edmonton Alberta in 1999) (Temple List).

Manila Philippines Temple

The following administrative subdivisions (provinces, states, etc.) outside the US have more than one temple operating, under construction or announced (Temple List):

  • Canadian Province of Alberta 3+1 (Lethbridge)

  • Brazilian State of São Paulo 2+3 (São Paulo Brazil East, Santos, Ribeirão Prêto)

  • Mexican State of Chihuahua 2+1 (Chihuahua)

  • United Kingdom Constituent Country of England 2+1 (Birmingham)

  • Peruvian Province of Lima 2

  • Philippines Region of Ilocos 1+2 (Santiago, Laoag)

  • Autonomous City of Buenos Aires Argentina 1+1 (Buenos Aires City Center)

  • Australian State of Queensland 1+1 (Brisbane South)

  • Brazilian State of Paraná 1+1 (Londrina)

  • Canadian Province of British Columbia 1+1 (Victoria)

  • Guatemalan Department of Guatemala 1+1 (Miraflores Guatemala City)

  • Mexican District of Ciudad de México 1+1 (Mexico City Benemérito)

  • Philippine National Capital Region (NCR) 1+1 (Alabang)

  • Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile 1+1 (Santiago West)

  • Brazilian State of Bahia 0+2 (Salvador, Vitória)

  • Mexican State of Hidalgo 0+2 (Pachuca and Tula)

  • Philippines Region of Western Visayas 0+2 (Bacolod and Iloilo)

Mexico is the first country outside the United States to have multiple subdivisions with more than one announced temple. Brazil is the second, and Canada the third (Temple List).


Jordan River Utah Temple

South Jordan was the first city with more than one temple (Jordan River Utah in 1981 and Oquirrh Mountain Utah in 2009) (Temple List).

Lima Peru Temple

Lima Peru is the first city outside Utah and outside the US with more than one temple (Lima Peru in 1986 and Lima Peru Los Olivos in 2024) (Groundbreakings Announced for Two South American Temples).

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

The following cities have more than one temple operating, under construction or announced (Groundbreaking Held for Red Cliffs Utah Temple and Peru’s Lima to become 3rd city — 1st outside of Utah — to have 2 dedicated temples). It should be noted that many temples are not within the city limits of the city they are named for (see my post on Temple Names).

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